FileCream 0.9.0: Customizable Desktop Background + AppData

December 19, 2021


FileCream 0.9.0 allows you to set any image as your desktop background. This feature is also commonly known as 'desktop wallpaper'. In order to change the desktop background, right-click on any image file and choose Set As Background.

On the surface, the ability to change the desktop background may seem very trivial. It's a feature that you would expect from any desktop (or mobile) system and has been around for many years; however, its addition to FileCream marks an important milestone.

In order to implement customizable desktop backgrounds, I first had to introduce another feature called the 'AppData' directory. The AppData directory is basically a system directory where apps can freely read and write data to a user's filesystem in a safe, secure, and isolated manner. For example, the Desktop Application saves the background and other configuration data to its private AppData directory. Using the AppData directory, developers can now store and retrieve many user-specific data without setting up and managing databases. Apps can only access their own unique AppData subdirectories, this allows FileCream to ensure that apps cannot "look into" each other's data.

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