FileCream 0.8.0: Standalone Apps

December 9, 2021


One of the most fundamental features of the web is the ability to access resources using links. I've always thought that it would be very interesting to bake this into the foundation of FileCream; so, not only can you easily share and access files using links, but you can also do the same with apps. To borrow from and be inspired by that very popular operating system, in FileCream you could say everything is a URL!

In line with the idea of "linkifying" everything, in FileCream 0.8.0 I have introduced Standalone Apps, which means apps published on FileCream can be directly linked to and opened in browser windows, not just FileCream windows. For example, you can open the Online Editor in your browser, even if you're not a registered user.

One of the great things about standalone apps on FileCream is that developers will have access to all the features of regular FileCream apps such as file dialogs, alerts, ...

In addition to Standalone Apps, there have been other features and improvements in this release:

  • You can now open local files in Editor, both using the native File Dialog and drag and drop.
  • Editor supports Undo and Redo.
  • View and manage all your websites using the Manage Websites window under your account menu.
  • A more consistent messaging protocol for apps. This is not yet publicly released but is in active development and testing.
  • The ability to launch new instances of apps from the Taskbar and the app SDK.
  • Multiple performance improvements for the windowing system.
  • Added the ability to hide/show all windows from the Taskbar.

As always, I would love to hear your feedback. You can contact me directly at